Sooyoung x Jung Kyung-ho, the representative of showbiz’s long-lasting couples, has been together for 10 years

Actor Jung Kyung-ho and Sooyoung (SNSD) have been publicly dating for 10 years.

Jung Kyung-ho and Sooyoung

The couple of Jung Kyung-ho and Sooyoung (SNSD) is considered the representative of the entertainment industry’s long-lasting couples. The two have been dating since 2012, and they have never hesitated to show off their unchanging love.

They also often express their affection for each other in interviews.

In February, during a behind-the-scenes interview for JTBC’s drama “Run On”, Sooyoung was asked, “Does your boyfriend Jung Kyung-ho give any feedback on your acting in ‘Run On’?”. In response, Sooyoung said, “To me, he is an experienced actor in Korean rom-coms and also a great senior. I asked him many questions, and he also helped me and gave me lots of ideas.”

Jung Kyung-ho and Sooyoung

In June last year, Jung Kyung-ho also mentioned Sooyooung in an interview with Marie Claire when he was asked, “What do you think is the factor that made the Jung Kyung-ho at this moment?”. He answered, “I have been dating only one person for over 8 years, so I think it was Choi Soo-young who made me the current Jung Kyung-ho”.

Jung Kyung-ho and Sooyoung

Fans are also cheering and giving support to this long-lasting couple.

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