Songs that K-Pop lovers should try out in the second week of October

Try adding the songs below to your October playlist; you won’t be disappointed!

In the second week of October (October 4~10), singer Woodz (Cho Seung-youn), GOT7’s Youngjae and Lee Chan-won returned with a new album. Boy groups such as Golden Child, BLITZERS and N.Flying also released new albums. In addition, aespa, which have been receiving much love for mega-hit ‘Next Level’, revealed their first mini-album and started promotion activities. 

◆ Woodz – ‘ONLY LOVERS LEFT’ (release date: October 5) 

In this album, Woodz unfolds various developments by songs that express the stages of love. The album contains 6 songs including the title song with the same name ‘ONLY LOVERS LEFT’, ‘Multiply’, ‘Sour Candy’…

Kim Ji-ha – I’m captivated by the atmosphere.

Kim Han-gil – I can see his musical growth.

Park Sang-hoo – An album that makes good use of his vocal’s charms. He gives me the same feeling as overseas pop singers. 

◆ Youngjae – ‘COLORS from Ars’ (release date: October 5) 

‘COLORS from Ars’ is Youngjae’s first solo album in his 7-year career, having a total of 7 songs including the title song ‘Vibin’. In particular, Youngjae took part in writing, composing and producing all of the songs, which means more than just a solo debut album. 


Kim Ji-ha – Attractive vocal.

Kim Han-gil – Proof of his sufficient potential as a soloist.

Park Sang-hoo – The B-side master. I recommend “”Eternal””, a perfect song for autumn.

◆ Golden Child – ‘DDARA’ (release date: October 5)

The 2nd repackage album ‘DDARA’ is the follow-up work of the 2nd full album ‘GAME CHANGER’ released in August. ‘DDARA’ consists of 11 songs from ‘GAME CHANGER’ and 2 new songs ‘DDARA’ and ‘OASIS’. 

Kim Ji-ha – Additional songs bring contradictory feelings.

Kim Han-gil – Strong and addictive sound.

Park Sang-hoo – Two new songs with different colors. They fully convey the members’ individuality. The mysterious charm that makes me keep listening is a bonus.

◆ aespa – ‘Savage’ (release date: October 5) 

‘Savage’ is the first physical album released by aespa since their debut with the single ‘Black Mamba’ in November 2020. This album consists of 6 songs in total, including ‘Savage’, ‘ænergy’ containing the story about aespa’s world view, the powerful dance song ‘I’ll Make You Cry’, ‘Yeppi Yeppi’ with a positive message, the dance song ‘ICONIC’ and the pop song with sentimental melody ‘Lucid Dream’. 

Kim Ji-ha – Songs that may be liked or disliked because they are unique. I agree that they are addictive.

Kim Han-gil – The unique and sophisticated melody is impressive.

Park Sang-hoo – Their identity has become firmer. aespa’s music spectrum stands out.

◆ BLITZERS – ‘SEAT-BELT’ (release date: October 6) 

‘SEAT-BELT’ is a new album released by BLITZERS 5 months after their first EP ‘CHECK-IN’. The title song ‘Will Make a Mistake’ is a hip-hop song featuring heavy rock sound. The lyrics convey a message of courage to those who are afraid of making mistakes.


Kim Ji-ha – Their charms gently digest intense songs.

Kim Han-gil – They own a masculine beauty which is full of charisma.

Park Sang-hoo – BLITZERS’ bold ambition. I like intense songs, but I feel like a lively song like ‘Hop-In’ suits me better. 

◆ N.Flying – ‘TURBULENCE’ (release date: October 6) 

If N.Flying headed to the sky to overcome trauma in their 1st full album ‘Man on the Moon’, in this repackage album, they attempt to crash-land in an unknown place due to wounds that have not healed completely and the sky’s TURBULENCE. N.Flying plans to comfort young people with the message that they can fly again at any time, even if they are currently anxious and immature. 


Kim Ji-ha – All the songs are attractive.

Kim Han-gil – Each song evokes deep sympathy. I recommend all songs.

Park Sang-hoo – The lyrics that I can relate to. They keep making me think hard.

◆ Lee Chan-won  – ‘..Gift’ (release date: October 7)

The new mini-album ‘..Gift’ contains a message of support to all Koreans who need healing in today’s pandemic situation. In particular, Lee Chan-won expresses his affection for fans with the intention of repaying the love he has been receiving from them.

Kim Ji-ha – What a trustworthy singing style. Songs are also fun to listen to.

Kim Han-gil – His pleasing voice and the melody are attractive.

Park Sang-hoo – Familiar melody line. It’s enough to feel the sensibility of music that encompasses all generations.

Source: DailyDaeum

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