Song Kang – Han So Hee’s “real” hot scene arrived at ‘Nevertheless’ episode 3, making netizens excited

No longer a dream, the first hot scene of Han Soo Hee – Song Kang aired in episode 3 of ‘Nevertheless’.

In episode 3 of ‘Nevertheless,’ the bad guy – good girl couple had their first bed scene, following the heated moment in Na Bi’s dream in episode 2. Still with the customary slow-motion sequences and comprehensive specifics, this steamy scene is lengthier, not too mundane and revealing, but plenty to satisfy the audience.

The audience was ecstatic at the couple’s 19+ bed scene. And everyone was secretly thrilled since, after all, it wasn’t a Nabi dream.

Even though she knew it was stupid, Na Bi officially gave everything to bad boy Jae Eon in episode 3. After Nabi witnessed Jae Eon’s attitude while she was being cared for by a junior, she began to doubt his feelings for her. A friend of Jae Eon also emerged in this episode. This is most likely the person who will sabotage their relationship.

‘Nevertheless’ is a story about a girl, who has lost hope in love and a bad boy, who thinks dating is a nuisance but enjoys flirting. The drama airs on jTBC every Saturday night.

Source: K14

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