Song Joong Ki’s character in “Reborn Rich”: too reliant on future knowledge, hindering himself?

The role of Song Joong Ki in “Reborn Rich” is receiving mixed reviews due to his alleged poorly calculated actions in new episodes. 

The K-drama “Reborn Rich”, which is adapted from a novel of the same name, has recorded outstanding achievements even though it is not even halfway through. However, alongside high praises of the series’ writing and acting performances, newer episodes are receiving mixed reception. In particular, some audiences feel displeased with the lack of screen time for the female lead, while some believe that the male lead, played by Song Joong Ki, is getting too ahead of himself. 

song joong ki reborn rich
Song Joong Ki plays the role of Do Joon in “Reborn Rich”

In particular, the latest episode had Do Joon revealing himself as the head of Miracle and going head to head with Sunyang – the company of his grandfather Jin Yang Chul (Lee Sung Min). As a result, his actual business abilities are being doubted by viewers. 

Additionally, many suspected that if Do Joon did not know about future events, he would not be able to battle against Sunyang at all. From buying a piece of land because he knew it would increase in value 10 years later, to exchanging his money to USD in preparation for the financial crisis, all of Do Joon’s wise actions were just based on his knowledge of the future, and not from his own ability. At the same time, episode 6 showed that Do Joon struggled when face with crisises and unpredicted events. 

song joong ki reborn rich
Do Joon was the secretary Hyun Woo reborn into the past, so he had knowledge of the future 

On top of all this, some pointed out that instead of researching and subtly taking care of his original family from the get-go, Do Joon was overly confident in his future knowledge. He scrambled to save his parents last minute, instead of preventing them from the get-go. Even worse, the cause behind his mother’s death lies in the hand of his very same enemy – the Sunyang conglomerate. 

song joong ki reborn rich
Do Joon visiting his old home

Do Joon is said to be deeply caring of his original mom and dad, wanting to offer them protection. However, this trait seems like a last-minute addition instead of a planned element. Only after his mother’s death did he investigate her life, and realized she invested in a bankrupt company under Sunyang – which is inconsistent with his “caring” nature.  Why didn’t Do Joon save his original family from poverty 10 years ago, many people asked. 

reborn rich
His mother had to sell her store due to financial difficulties 

Finally, Do Joon’s decision to reveal his cards against Jin Yang Chul early made a lot of viewers doubtful. According to them, Do Joon should have utilized his grandfather’s trust to carry out his plan, especially when it was not Jin Yang Chul that killed Hyun Woo in the first place. In the end, they questioned, what if Do Joon’s actual goal? To overthrow Sunyang, to take over it, or to find the killer of himself when Hyun Woo never existed in this timeline?

Reborn Rich thumbnail
The audience was confused when Do Joon revealed his playing hands perhaps too soon

On the other hand, “Reborn Rich” airs every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on JTBC.

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