Song Ji Hyo shared more about her time with Running Man and what the show meant to her: “Running Man is now a part of my life”

Actress Song Ji Hyo showed her deep affection for ‘Running Man’, which she has been with for 11 years.

In an interview to promote “The Witch’s Diner,” actress Song Ji Hyo shared more about her time with “Running Man” and what the show meant to her. 

Song Ji Hyo, who has been running for 11 years since July 2010 as a member of the SBS entertainment program ‘Running Man’, said, “Starting at thirty and now at forty. I spent my 30s with ‘Running Man’, which is more like a part of my life than an entertainment program. It is a program that has lived one-quarter of my life together. So I’m going to continue to go with Running Man.”

The first episode of Running Man aired on June 11, 2010, with 8 members Ji Seok Jin, Haha, Kim Jong Kook, Song Ji Hyo, Gary, Lee Kwang Soo, and Song Joong Ki, and Yoo Jae Suk. After Song Joong Ki departed the show one year later, Running Man kept running with a seven-member lineup. In 2016, after Gary announced his departure from Running Man, Jeon So Min and Yang Se Chan joined the lineup. In June, the original member Lee Kwang-soo dropped out, Running Man now keeps running with 7 members.

Meanwhile, Song Ji Hyo has recently made an eye-catching transformation for her new TVING drama “The Witch’s Diner”! Based on a novel by Goo Sang Hee, “The Witch’s Diner” is a dark fantasy drama about a witch restaurant that sells food that grants wishes in exchange for the customers’ souls. Song Ji Hyo stars as Jo Hee Ra, the restaurant’s owner, and witch, and Nam Ji Hyun stars as her business partner Jin. Chae Jong Hyeop plays Gil Yong, who is the restaurant’s part-time employee. 

song ji hyo running man

In contrast to her usual lovable and gentle appearance in Running Man, Song Ji Hyo skillfully takes on her new role of a witch by creating a mysterious atmosphere with her charismatic gaze and low-pitched voice. Rather than telling a story of simply defining good and evil, the drama takes on a more modern take by exploring the story of a witch living amidst the city.

When being asked about Running Man members’ reactions on ‘The Witch’s Diner’, she said, “I heard they said ‘it’s scary'”. She smiled and shared, “I recently spotted kim jong kook joined TVING so I thought he joined to watch “The Witch’s Diner” but he said, ‘I joined the channel to watch football.’ Who knows if he will watch it someday.”

Song Ji Hyo debuted as a cover model for the magazine “Kiki” in 2001. She played Noh AeJung, a producer of a film company and single mom in the JTBC drama “We, Did We Love?” which aired last year. She has gained popularity in Asia by appearing on the SBS entertainment show “Running Man.”


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