Song Hye Kyo astounds netizens with the income through advertising contracts

Because of her incredibly high income, Song Hye Kyo has gained a lot of admiration. The actress needs to do little more than upload a photo, compose a few captions, and make enough money to buy a house.

Song Hye Kyo is one of the most popular celebrities in Korea. Despite the fact that she is now 40 years old, leading magazines throughout the world continue to praise her beauty and charisma like follows: “Beauty fades flowers.” Perhaps this is also why Song Joong Ki’s ex-wife is favoured by many brands, allowing her to earn a large sum of money through advertising contracts.

Song Hye Kyo’s charisma is undeniable. She didn’t engage in any film projects for a long, but she nonetheless became wealthy swiftly thanks to advertising posts on her personal page. Her advertising revenue is also among the biggest in Korea, as she is the actress with the highest compensation.

Song Hye Kyo earned $ 480,000 from a single Instagram post, according to Women’s Wear Daily. Many people yearn for this number. And it is fair to state that the actress can buy a mansion with only one click.

Song Hye Kyo is an ambassador for a number of well-known brands, including Fendi and Chaumet. She also has advertising contracts with dozens of other high-end fashion and cosmetics companies. She actively increased the scope of promotion to other nations such as Hong Kong and Thailand, in addition to the Korean market.

The actress is owns a variety of valuable properties. According to DongA, she purchased a mansion worth 19.5 billion won ($17.4 million) on May 27. Song had previously purchased a two-story mansion in 2014 for $7.6 million.  

Song Hye Kyo is currently enjoying a lot of success. Many fans, however, are concerned that if she does not return to acting soon, her reputation may decline.

Song Hye Kyo made the decision to participate in the film after considering the concerns of her fans as well as the need to boost her career. She’s spending more time on set in preparation for her comeback in the film “Now, we’re Breaking Up,” with Jang Ki Yong. This is the actress’s first film after her divorce from Song Joong Ki. 

Source: yan

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