Son Na Eun took a lovely ‘couple shot’ with Yoo Soo Bin, making fans wonder if she already had a boyfriend

Apink Son Na Eun, who is active as an actress, has just updated her whereabouts.

On October 3, Son Na Eun uploaded 2 photos on her Instagram and wrote “Tak Minjung. ‘LOST’ will be aired tonight at 10:30 PM.”

Son Na Eun Yoo Soo Bin

In the released photo, Son Na Eun is sitting next to actor Yoo Soo Bin. Son Na Eun gives 2 poses of smiling softly and holding her chin with one hand. On the other side, Yoo Soo Bin makes a V sign with a smiling face.

Son Na Eun and Yoo Soo Bin are playing the roles of Minjung and Tak in JTBC’s drama “LOST”. In this drama, the two have a really meaningful relationship.

Son Na Eun Yoo Soo Bin

Son Na Eun debuted as a member of Apink in 2011 then moved to YG Entertainment to pursue her acting career in May this year. Son Na Eun has accumulated an impressive filmography by appearing in movies “Marrying the Mafia”, “The Wrath” and various dramas, such as “The Great Seer”, “My Kids Give Me a Headache”, “Second 20s”, “Cinderella and the Four Knights”, and “Dinner Mate”. At the moment, she appears in JTBC’s “LOST” and is set to act in “Ghost Doctor”.

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