Somi gives a spoiler that Jisoo is also in the US, fans wonder if BLACKPINK is filming a comeback MV

BLACKPINK’s Jennie, Rosé and Lisa are currently all in the US with different schedules. Every event that the three members attend gains much attention from netizens. Meanwhile, many fans are more curious as to where Jisoo is right now. The answer to this question was accidentally revealed by Somi during her recent online fansign.

... and Lisa are all in the US
… and Lisa are all in the US
What about Jisoo?
What about Jisoo?

Specifically, during a video call, a fan asked Somi to do the XOXO dance challenge with BLACKPINK members. To which Somi responded, “They’re all in the States right now.” It seems that Somi thought everyone already knew about Jisoo’s whereabouts, so she said this casually.

Somi revealed that all BLACKPINK members are in the US (Clip source: lovniestore)

Although there is still no confirmation that Jisoo is also in the US, with a reliable source of spoilers from Somi, fans are hoping that BLACKPINK is filming an MV or having activities as a group in the States:

  • Is there any chance they’re filming a comeback MV?
  • Their whereabouts are always so mysterious 
  • At this point, they probably went to the US to shoot a MV
  • Is the rumor of BLACKPINK filming the MV in the US true or we’ll end up clowning ourselves again? 
  • BLACKPINK members are all ninjas
  • BLINKs have been fooled many times but still believe in rumors every time
  • Isn’t Jisoo busy preparing for the promotions of her drama, should she stay in Korea?
Is BLACKPINK really filming a MV in the US?
Is BLACKPINK really filming a MV in the US?

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