Confusing titles in the fashion world? Brand ambassador is not the highest title bestowed upon a Korean star

The differentiating titles have a huge impact on a star as it pertains to different perks and the binding terms in a contract.

Brand titles are nothing out of the ordinary. Some stars are working with various brands on different levels all at the same time. To netizens, the number of contracts a star has is one of the important measurements of its influence. Especially, in markets such as Korea and China, these contracts help establish a form of trust that attracts even the most powerful buyer.

Brand ambassadors are often found among Korean stars. However, the existing categories are much more diverse and complicated and go deeper and beyond the often-seen title of brand ambassadors.

Level 1: The Face

Kendall Jenner-
Kendall Jenner in the 2023 Spring Summer Campaign by Miu Miu

The Face is often understood to be a representative of a promotional campaign. A contract for the legal use of one’s image usually lasts from 2 to 12 months or throughout a collection season. Overall, the duration depends on the nature of the campaign.

Models often consider the Face as a worthwhile opportunity because they can take advantage of the short duration of a contract and increase their income.

Kendall Jenner-
Kendal Jenner in the 2023 Spring Collection by Jimmy Choo

A brand ambassador can also join a campaign as the Face of that brand. BLACKPINK Jennie once joined the promotional campaign for the Chanel 22 bag line or BLACKPINK Rosé worked as the face of Tiffany Lock Collection’s promotional campaign.

Level 2: Friend of the House

A Friend of the House encompasses a wide range of possible candidates: influencers, models, actors, or singers. The title can be given to anyone whose image is aligned with the one the brand envisages. A Friend of the House does not necessarily have a global impact. But they have to have a stable base in their market.

A Friend of the House has few strings attached. However, they still have such perks as new seasonal designs, a choice to promote a specific product, and attendance at the brand’s event. Sometimes, they even get the chance to appear on magazines or join promotional campaigns.

Level 3: Brand Ambassador

Chanel brought 6 brand ambassadors to the 30th-anniversary edition of ELLE Korea

Brand ambassadors are those who carry the images and personal styles that are associated with the image of the brand. Brand Ambassadors not only represent a brand but also accompany and promote that brand with their reputation, appearance, and lifestyle. They are the personal embodiment of a brand, from appearance and personality to a general vibe.

BLACKPINK Lisa is Celine’s first global ambassador

Brand ambassadors are divided into small groups based on the press releases from a brand.  Geographically speaking, there may be Global Ambassador, Asia-Pacific Ambassador, and Korean Ambassador. Sometimes, they are categorized based on the represented products: men’s/women’s clothing line, cosmetics, or jewelry. However, some brands are more idiosyncratic in their name-calling. Chanel, for example, never has a Global Ambassador and only has use House Ambassadorship as the highest title.

Brand ambassadorship has high obligations. Hence, a star can be a brand ambassador for multiple brands as long as there are no conflicts of interest. A brand ambassador can also be selected based on their influence on a global fan community or social media.

Level 4: Brand Spokesperson

Princess Charlotte Casiraghi is Chanel’s spokesperson from 2021

A brand spokesperson is the highest title bestowed on a star. They are not simply a promoter of a brand’s design but a representative of its views and stances. They are not defined in terms of appearance but of the understanding of a brand, general aura, and appropriate speech. Social status is also taken into the equation.

Princess Charlotte
Princess Charlotte Casiraghi in a campaign by Chanel

Source: K14

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