So Ji Sub makes a comeback with a handsome appearance after 4 years at the age of 44

The latest MBC drama Doctor Lawyer starring So Ji Sub has revealed a poster.

In Doctor Lawyer, So Ji Sub will play two roles, one is a famous doctor Han Yi Han, who graduated from Korea’s top medical school but his career fell apart after a patient died while undergoing surgery. And at this point, Han Yi Han decided to become a titular medical malpractice lawyer to find the truth and prove he was unjust.


The latest poster of the drama is receiving great attention as it shows both Han Yi Han’s past and present, with the caption introducing him as a “genius double board-certified surgeon who has returned as a medical malpractice lawyer.”

At the present time, Han Yi Han is a well-dressed lawyer with a cold aura staring at the camera. The cool operating room, on the other hand, is depicted in the poster’s lower half. The audience can see the patient’s feet on the operating table, which makes them anxious about the disastrous surgery that ruined Han Yi Han‘s career.

Doctor Lawyer‘s producer commented: “In line with the title, our drama is driven by the main character Han Yi Han, who is both a doctor and a lawyer and stands at the center of the plot. So Ji Sub, widely regarded as one of the industry’s top performers, is taking charge of ‘Doctor Lawyer’ with his strong acting and presence. Please show your support for ‘Doctor Lawyer’ and So Ji Sub’s performance, which will bring thrills and make viewers’ hearts beat this May.”

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