SNSD’s Taeyeon brought up the nude photobook of a legendary SM’s group, making the “main character” himself blush

A pre-debut story recently shared by Taeyeon made Heechul and the viewers burst into laughter, and the “star” of the nude photo album was so embarrassed that his face turned red.

Kpop idols often have interesting anecdotes to share about their pre-debut days. Recently, SNSD’s Taeyeon revealed a hilarious childhood memory of her with a male idol, and the most special thing is that she directly told this story to that idol. On January 11, Taeyeon, Super Junior’s Heechul and Shinhwa’s Junjin appeared in the program “Travel Battle for Dog Respect – Petkage“, where they talked about life and pets.

Shinhwa used to be an SM artist, but at the time Taeyeon joined the company, she could not meet her seniors due to different schedules. However, the leader of SNSD still had memories with Shinhwa during her school days. Sitting in front of Junjin, Taeyeon excitedly recounted, “When I was in elementary school, Shinhwa was very popular. My friends brought Shinhwa’s nude photo book to school.”

Taeyeon Shinhwa
Taeyeon recalled her “intense” childhood memories when her friends…
Taeyeon Shinhwa
… brought Shinhwa’s nude photo book to school

Taeyeon continued to recall, “At that time, the whole school became chaotic. The teachers came and shouted, ‘What are you guys seeing?'”. Taeyeon’s story made Heechul burst into laughter while the “main character” Junjin was speechless and started to blush because Shinhwa’s nude photo shoot was once again brought up on television. The Shinhwa member hastily changed the topic to barbecue.

Taeyeon Shinhwa
Heechul burst out laughing while Junjin hurriedly changed the topic
Taeyeon Shinhwa
Shinhwa’s nude photobook caused Taeyeon’s elementary school to be in chaos
shinhwa 13102021 3 scaled
The iconic semi-nude photo book filled with “steamy” pictures once shocked the public

Shinhwa is a veteran idol group of Kpop, so far they have been active together for 23 years. Shinhwa is also the first and only boy group in Kpop’s history to have confidently released a semi-nude photo book, filled with pictures showing off the members’ 6-pack abs and sexy bodies. Despite the controversy, the photo book still sold up to 15,000 copies and to this day, no juniors have enough courage to “go bold” like Shinhwa did.

Taeyeon Shinhwa
Even Junjin’s wife was shocked…
Taeyeon Shinhwa
… when she found out about her husband’s nude photo

Source: K14

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