SNSD Yuri’s cousin attracts attention as she looks like a series of Korean celebrities

Songsun, who just debuted in rookie group TRI.BE, is not only noticed for being SNSD Yuri’s cousin but also for looking like a series of Korean beauties.

Information about SNSD Yuri’s cousin debuting as an idol has received the attention of many Kpop fans. This girl is Songsun, who debuted in rookie group TRI.BE


Knet has recently been drawn to Songsun’s images on stage, behind the scenes, and in the TRI.BE MV. Songsun has a bright, pretty face that is strikingly similar to Yuri’s. Many people, however, believe that Songsun resembles other female idols but not Yuri.

Songsun TRI.BE
Songsun and her cousin Yuri
  • Is she really Yuri’s cousin??? She looks like Sana
  • Wow.. I think they don’t look alike.. But they’re cousins..?
  • I can see Yuri and Hitomi’s faces from her
  • Yuri + Park Min Young + Eunha + Momoland Yeonwoo? My personal opinion!
  • I think she looks more like Son Naeun, Seohyun and Wendy than Yuriㅋㅋ I can also see EXID’s Jeonghwa from her
  • Well, she looks like a mix of Yuri and Wendy
  • Yuri’s cousin is pretty too, they’re all pretty, their genes are amazing
  • I feel like she’s a mix of Yuri and Jang Wonyoung
  • I feel like she looks more like Park Min Young ㅋㅋ It’s great that she’s Yuri’s cousin
  • I think she looks like Irene + Wendy
red velvet wendy

Who do you think Songsun looks like the most?

Source: k14

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