SNSD confirms new unit comeback on September 5th with Taeyeon, Yoona, Yuri, Sunny, Hyoyeon

Top idol group Girls’ Generation finally introduced their new unit group Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG.

Girls’ Generation – Oh!GG will reportedly release their song “Lil’ Touch” through various music sites including Melon, Genie, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and Xiami Music on September 5th. The single, which will be sung by Taeyeon, SunnyHyoyeon, Yuri and Yoona, will feature two new songs of conflicting charms, “Lil’ Touch” and “Fermata.”


Especially, the name of the unit Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG is a combination of “OH!” and “GG”, an English abbreviation of Girls’ Generation, with the meaning that it will appeal to global fans by introducing a variety of styles of music and charms that can be displayed in various combinations of the members. The name, a funny pronunciation reminiscent of the slang word “Ojida,” which means “cool,”  is gathering attention for being the creation of the members themselves.

In addition, Girls’ Generation – Oh!GG recorded a hit march on every song that is released and is expected to make the girl group trend rise once again. The girls, who have also gained recognition for their outstanding talent in various fields such as solo singers, actors, MCs and DJs, are delighting fans with their amazing chemistry.

More interestingly, this single is a special version of Kihno album for their fans who want to collect singles and pre-order will be available from August 28th through both online and offline stores.

Source: OSEN

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