Snowdrop has finished filming, the drama will have 16 episodes?

A few days ago, a few pictures from the Snowdrop filming set were revealed, making fans extremely excited.

Today, more information related to BLACKPINK Jisoo’s debut film has been spread on social networks, raising the audience’s expectations higher than ever.

Specifically, a few cast members of the film crew posted photos announcing that the filming had ended.

“The 7-month journey is now over. Goodbye ‘Snowdrop'”
“The long journey of 1 year has really come to an end. Maybe tomorrow I will feel so empty?~”
“1 year journey, now it’s the last filming section”

Some actors also revealed script images for episodes 15-16, raising suspicions that the drama will have 16 episodes. However, some netizens think it’s possible that these people’s roles will end in episode 16 while it was previously rumored that the movie would have 20 episodes. So, if Snowdrop really only has 16 episodes, then maybe the drama will be aired once a week.

It was previously reported that the trailer for Snowdrop will be revealed in July while the film will be released in September. However, it is now approaching the last week of July without any further official information from JTBC.

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