“Snowdrop” continues to face criticism regarding a prop that appeared in episode 4

JTBC’s drama “Snowdrop”, which has been embroiled in controversy over historical distortion, was criticized by netizens again.

In episode 4 of Snowdrop that aired on Dec 25th, there was a scene in which two wealthy women were having a conversation. A netizen paid attention to the green game table used as a prop in the drama. This table was actually a mahjong table. Mahjong is a four-player game that started in China. It has been spread and developed mainly in East Asia countries such as Japan. However, it is somewhat unfamiliar to Koreans.

Snowdrop episode 4

Regarding this, many netizens expressed their doubts about the appearance of mahjong, a traditional Chinese game, in a Korean drama. Users of the Internet community theqoo left comments such as “This film was controlled by China”, “Did it even distort that?”, “Playing mahjong in the 80s? It’s ridiculous”…

Snowdrop episode 4

Meanwhile, on Dec 24th, a petition titled “I am petitioning to shut down JTBC, which airs an anti-constitutional drama” drew attention as it was uploaded on the Blue House’s public petition bulletin board. The petitioner wrote, “Despite the severe public backlash against Snowdrop, JTBC did not accept it and failed to properly refute controversies, repeating its existing position and pushing ahead with the airing until episode 5. Such broadcasters are not qualified to operate in Korea.”

Snowdrop episode 4
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