SM STATION – the project that differentiates SM from their BIG 3 rivals YG and JYP

Totally different from their 2 rivals, SM is showing that they already have a stable and smart strategy through “SM STATION”.

From the beginning of 2019, K-Pop fans have already seen a series of impressive comebacks. Starting from the 4 girls from BLACKPINK with the megahit “Kill This Love” with a series of impressive record on albums, views and the public’s recognition, the show went on when BTS balanced the competition with “Boy With Luv” featuring Halsey.

BLACKPINK and BTS are the 2 first K-Pop group to succeed in the U.S

Cannot stand still, JYP immediately went go to prove that TWICE’s music and style are not boring at all like most people used to think with “FANCY”. In the middle of this intense battle, fans suddenly realize the missing of SM Entertainment who is the leader of K-Pop for the past 10 years but still haven’t had any remarkable activity in 2019.

However, SM’s position for the past 10 years is not easy to be threatened. They are still showing their strategic point of view through a series of long-term projects, the most significant one being SM STATION.

SM STATION, a project which started from 2016

Started from Feb 3rd, 2016, SM STATION was introduced by Lee Soo-man as a part of “Neo Culture Technology” project of SM on Jan 27th, 2016. The project’s target was to introduce producers, composers, and artists of SM Entertainment through music featuring other artists from different agencies.

‘Til this time, SM STATION is doing even better than its original goal. Apart from introducing various new music identity of their artists, SM STATION is also where the idols, who used to be judged by the public as “pretty/handsome but talentless”, prove themselves. Sehun, Chanyeol (EXO) or Minho (SHINee) has all released their own solo tracks.

[STATION 3] CHANYEOL 찬열 ‘봄 여름 가을 겨울 (SSFW)’ MV

Also, at such a time when all agencies are focusing on each comeback and concepts, long-term projects like SM STATION are showing its efficiency. SM artists’ images are more widespread, with a more colorful music identity, fans don’t have to wait too long for their idol’s comeback anymore.

Not stopping at that, the fact that SM just releases these projects under the form of MVs and digital music without the need of promoting on weekly music shows helps save lots of money. Instead, the featuring of many famous domestic and international artists like Yoo Jae Suk, Eric Nam, John Legend helps increases the public popularity.

Along with the fresh popularity, SM STATION’s tracks also achieve many impressive digital numbers.

“Young” of Baekhyun featuring Loco was ranked very high on many digital charts right after the official release.

Comparing to their direct rivals – YG and JYP, SM STATION is a project that is desired by all artists from big agencies. YG artists are always known for their talent right from their debut with many hits such as “Really Really” and “Love Scenario” are composed by WINNER’s leader Kang Seungyoon and iKON’s leader B.I. However, apart from famous members who are invested with solo projects by the agency, YG doesn’t have any project for their artists to feel that they still have their own space to showcase their own music.

B. I is the composer of the superhit “Love Scenario” in 2018.

In JYP’s case, this agency is quite alike to SM when TWICE is always doubted by the public about their true talent while GOT7 is not supported much by their company to promote in South Korea. Personal music projects will help artists prove their own talent while raising public popularity.


As one of the long-going veterans of the entertainment industry who has made the names of many idol groups and helped bring the name of K-Pop onto a continental scale, SM will not stand still to watch the battle between JYP, YG and the newcomer Big Hit. With SM STATION, Lee Soo-man shows that he is heading towards a much more strategic target comparing to YG and JYP, which is maintaining SM’s influence on the public for a long-run without depending on only 1 artist.

Source: Kenh14

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