SM once again made their artists annoyed at how they work

This time it’s not Taeyeon, but Hyoyeon.

Kpop fans are probably too familiar with Taeyeon calling out SM on their carelessness. This time, it was Hyoyeon’s turn. She left a like on the comment condemning SM. Although she did not like the picture, Hyoyeon’s actions made Sone satisfied.

“Don’t you know that Mystery was a fail? It’s going to be below Melon top20 soon. Can’t SM think of the gravity of the situation yet? They should’ve released NCT on Monday if they didn’t want to overlap with Soshi, you won’t even be able to promote it, why must they release your song on a Wednesday and screw over the promotion period like that? The song is already out of the top10 on Melon and it’s only been 3 days, it’s not the moment to be satisfied with oneself.
Other singers are all promoting their songs on Idol Room and Naver showcase digitally and plastering their promotions on all portals. They should’ve tried to get their song go viral on Facebook and other pages (Ilsola, Baesola, Dingo Music). SM sucks even more than little companies like Make Us. They don’t even promote Soshi’s unit. It’s been so long since we’ve seen Soshi but they don’t even let you guys on music shows and completely fails you on the digital charts, there are no variety shows, no choreography videos, if they can’t keep the content consistent, you will fail digitally. I hope they learn how serious this situation is… So what if only the MV does well? They should know to promote the comeback way before and let you guys promote the song like all the other artists. They suck more than those Facebook viral marketing companies.” 

On 5/9/2018, SNSD debuted their unit Oh!GG with Lil Touch. The MV quickly attracted many viewers, and was considered as the return of the queens. The song with catchy melody, choreography and top-notch auras had showed the level of the “national girl group”.

However, in their debut, OH!GG just released the MV, and will not be involved in promotions on music shows. This made the members themselves as well as Sones extremely frustrated. SNSD has not been on the stage of music shows since the promotion of “Holiday” last year. People believe that SM probably have preference towards new groups, especially boy groups, and had treated Oh!GG unfairly.

With the way SM works now, it’s pretty easy to understand when their artists publicly criticize the company. Hopefully one of the Big3 company will make some improvements in the future to give the artist and fans a more compassionate look

Souces: Pann-choa

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