Lucas gets excluded from Way V & NCT’s 2022 Season Greetings → Fans’ reactions are drawing attention, “Lucas out”

Many fans believed that Lucas was no longer a WayV or NCT member.

On November 1, SM posted teaser photos for the 2022 Season’s Greetings of the groups under this company. The first images for Season’s Greeting by WayV, NCT’s Chinese sub-unit, have also been released.

wayv lucas
wayv lucas

However, fans immediately realized that there were only images of 6 members of WayV instead of 7 members as the official lineup. And as expected, the image of Lucas did not appear at all.

wayv lucas

Earlier, SMTOWN & STORE launched NCT’s merch ‘MY ARTIST CARD PACK’. This set contains random photocards of the members, a photocard cover, and stickers with the names of the NCT members. Fans immediately realized, however, that only 22 of the members’ names were put on the sticker package and Lucas’ name isn’t anywhere to be found. The fact that Lucas’ image was completely removed from the NCT system’s merchandise, as well as the sub-unit WayV, caused many netizens to think that SM kicked him out.

Knowing that the Season Greetings will be launched without Lucas, fans reacted positively, saying, “I can see the big picture that he wouldn’t come out in 2022“, “He disappeared“, “It seems like Lucas has already left the group“, “(The formation of) 6 people looks great“, “Lucas out“, “Lucas was left out“, “We must buy this (Season Greetings) because it has only 6 members“, “Did Lucas officially leave?“, “I like the concept of a group of 6 members“,etc

Currently, Lucas is still in the process of self-reflection after his private life scandal broke out in August. Since the day SM announced Lucas’s hiatus, very little information about Lucas has been updated.

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