SM deletes Amber, Luna’s name off f(x)’s profile while still keeping Victoria’s, fans reveal the reason behind

Even though Victoria herself and her agency in China has announced her departure from SM but this agency still insists on keeping the f(x) leader’s name. What’s the reason?

F(x) has just been through a sad 10th anniversary when the members continuously announced their departure from SM. On Sep 5th, Victoria and Luna announced that they would leave the company soon. A few days before that, Amber had shared that she would withdraw from SM after her contract ended. However, according to SM’s official announcement, only Amber and Luna’s departures have been confirmed while Victoria’s case is still being discussed by SM.

Recently, on f(x) official page, SM has deleted Amber and Luna’s names, only Krystal and Victoria’s names remain. Even though Victoria and her Chinese agency have announced her leaving SM but this company still insists on keeping the f(x)’s leader.

Amber and Luna’s names have disappeared from f(x)’s profile. But SM still cannot let go of Victoria.

Netizens have exposed SM’s reasons for not letting go of Victoria. Specifically, Victoria is doing extremely well in China. The f(x) leader’s individual schedule has brought SM a huge income. Annually, SM received 30% of Victoria’s total income. Comparing to Amber or Luna – members who are not doing very well in their fields – Victoria is indeed SM’s “gold-laying chicken”, which means SM won’t let her go easily.

Victoria is precious to SM.

Bitterly, Amber and Luna’s solo careers are not very impressive, which is partly due to SM’s unsuitable plan when both of them have enough ability to shine by themselves. We all hope that they will do better leaving SM.

F(x) is no longer together anymore, even though theoretically they are still one group.

Source: kenh14

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