Will SM soon announce Lucas’ departure as he isn’t included in NCT’s newest merch?

Before that, Lucas was involved in a serious scandal after multiple female netizens accused him of cheating and gaslighting

SMTOWN &STORE revealed earlier this week that NCT’s “MY ARTIST CARD PACK” merchandising package will be available for purchase at the company’s Dongdaemun Design Plaza store in Seoul. The pack probably contains random NCT member photocards, a photocard sleeve, and stickers with each NCT member’s name.

nct merch

After SMTOWN & STORE launched a live broadcast to showcase the new merchandise package, fans immediately realized that only 22 members’ names were included on the sticker set, with Lucas entirely absent.

nct merch

This raises the question of whether Lucas is still a member of the group or not. Some fans even think that SM will soon announce Lucas’s departure. Some others point out SM Entertainment omitting Lucas from merch with no explanation is not a substitute for a real statement. Up to now, SM has yet to make an official statement regarding this issue.


Since Lucas’ scandal emerged, it appears that there hasn’t been much official news about the male idol other than his return to China being canceled. Fans have repeatedly asked SM to make an announcement about Lucas but the company has remained silent so far.

Source: KB

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