Singapore newspaper provoked anger when complimenting BTS to defame other idols

Calling Kpop idols “puppets”, a Singapore newspaper provoked anger when complimenting BTS to defame other idols

After being very successful in the international market, BTS is now a spotlight of the media everywhere. The boys from Big Hit Entertainment continuously appear on newspapers as well as websites in many different countries. However, it seems that showing up on newspapers is not always a good thing.

With BTS’s popularity, one of the biggest newspapers in Singapore recently published an article about this boygroup. It had a very impressive title: “How boyband BTS got to the top”. However, after reading this, ARMY fandom as well as Kpop fans only wished that…. it would never be published.


BTS, Kpop news, fanwar, 2017
Not only ARMY, other idols’ fandoms were also surprised at this article. The reason was, it was not only conveying inaccurate information about BTS but also taking advantages of their reputation to defame other Kpop idols. Here are 3 reasons making Kpop fans angry at the article of the leading Singapore newspaper:


BTS, Kpop news, fanwar, 2017

If you’re a fan of Kpop, you probably know that the leader of BTS changed this his stage name from Rap Monster to RM after Big Hit Entertainment made an official announcement on 14th November. Therefore, their fans were extremely confused wondering why this newspaper kept referring him as Rap Monster in the entire article. Though the real reason is still unknown, many fans madly think the article writer was not respectful at all when he did not update any news about idols.

“Singing and dancing puppets”

This is the biggest reason that made Kpop fans angry at this article. There’s one sentence that says: “most of the songs are written and produced by the band members themselves, which sets them apart from the typical K-pop group, whose members are merely singing and dancing puppets.”

BTS, Kpop news, fanwar, 2017

In many places in the world, Kpop idols have always been negatively judged and criticized for being “singing and dancing puppets” and controlled by their management company. Nevertheless, this idea is totally wrong and will make audiences mad if the writer doesn’t regularly follow Kpop or do research properly. Kpop has been developed for years and now, it’s even impossible for us to count how many group members are writing and producing their own songs day by day.

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This information made not only other idols’ fandoms but also BTS’ fans mad. Nobody wants their idols to be over complimented to defame other idols. Therefore, this can be considered as the most annoying information of the entire article which was published on the Singapore newspaper.

Twitter Emoji

This article also has another serious mistake! It stated that BTS was the only group to have their own official Twitter emoji. However, if you are a fan of Kpop, you will surely know that EXO also has their own emoji for the launch of their official Twitter account and comeback this year. Therefore, BTS is not the only group to have their own official Twitter emoji.

BTS, Kpop news, fanwar, 2017



This mistake made BTS’ and EXO’s fans angry again. Many Kpop fans were also mad wondering how such a big newspaper like that could keep making mistakes in just one article, which made readers think that the writer did not respect who he was writing about.

What do you think about this?

Source: tinnhac, twitter

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