Simon Pegg reveals he wants to film with BTS’s Jin, fans react “Jin, let’s go to Hollywood!”

Famous English actor Simon Pegg draws a lot of attention by sharing that he wants to act with BTS’s Jin.

The American news site Allkpop recently published an article titled, “Hollywood actor Simon Pegg says that he would like to film a K-drama with BTS’s Jin”

Accordingly, a photo of Simon Pegg standing next to BTS Jin’s life-size cardboard cutout has gone viral on Instagram. In the photo, Simon Pegg is seen wearing the green tracksuit of the players in the Netflix original Korean series ‘Squid Game‘. This photo has been spread and reported by various media channels in the world, including domestic broadcasters MBC and KBS.

Simon Pegg bts jin

Simon Pegg, a graduate of the prestigious University of Bristol in England, became famous as a co-producer, writer, and actor of the British sitcom Spaced directed by Edgar Wright, broadcast on the TV network Channel 4. He was also the co-writer and actor in the comedy film trilogy “Three Flavours Cornetto”. His other major works include Hollywood box office hits such as Mission Impossible, Star Trek, and Star Wars. 

Simon Pegg bts jin

Simon Peg actively communicated with fans by answering various questions through an Instagram Live on the 26th of last month.

Accordingly, Simon Peg saw a comment left by a fan during the live, saying that he and BTS’s Jin should star together in a Korean drama. The English actor totally agreed with this comment and expressed his wish to act with Jin, making the fans happy and excited.

Fans are looking forward to the collaboration between Simon Peg and Jin to become a reality, adding that Jin graduated with an acting major. Jin has also received a lot of attention from the public as he is recognized for his outstanding ability in both acting and directing.

Another American entertainment media Koreaboo also recently reported that British actor Simon Peg has been added to the fandom of the globally famous boy group BTS

This is not the first time that Jin’s visual and acting skills have been highly appreciated by fans around the world. Fans are excited for Actor Jin and make his name enter real-time top trending many times. It is understandable that Jin, a professional graduated actor, is getting all the praises and anticipation.

Simon Pegg bts jin

Jin used to be introduced by the members to have graduated from the Department of Theater and Film and praised by famous voice actor Ahn Ji-hwan, saying, “You sound like an actor from a conventional drama.”

Simon Pegg bts jin

The news that Simon Pegg mentioned that he wanted to act with Jin has made headlines around the world, including FLIPBOARD, SPORTSKEEDA, Banjarmasin Post, InsertLive, SBS star, UNNIE POP,, BERPEN, MERAH PUTIH, and winnetnews.

Fans excitedly left comments:

  • It’s my wish to see Jin act soonㅠㅠ
  • Wow! I want to see it, too!
  • I want to see a movie starring both Simon Peg and our Seokjin
  • I’m still amazed whenever I see things like this. I was surprised when he took a photo with Jin’s life-size cutout. I want to see Seokjin acting.ㅠㅠ
  • I hope Seokjin saw this too
  • We really want to see him act too
  • Just thinking about it makes me happy ㅠㅠ
  • Wow! I’m looking forward to it, too!
  • I just found out that Simon is totally a fan of Jin. Simon, I want to see you act with Jin too 
  • I’ll be waiting.
  • I want to see Actor Jin
  • Please let Seokjin come to Hollywood
  • Please let Jin act
  • Seokjin, let’s go to Hollywood!
  • Go ahead and fulfill your dream

Jin, who dreamed of becoming a reporter in high school, wanted to become an actor after watching Kim Nam-gil in the drama Queen Seondeok. 

Simon Pegg bts jin

Although he did not prepare for the entrance exam for a year, Jin passed the entrance exam of the film department of Konkuk University’s Department of Arts and studied acting through the nation’s highest competition rate (201 to 1) among acting majors at the time. Jin also got into Sejong University, which had a competition ratio of 157 to 1.

Jin has a perfect face, golden ratio body proportion, deep eyes and sweet voice, accurate vocalization and pronunciation, diverse expressions and emotions. He is considered a top male visual in K-pop and is highly expected to do an amazing job even as an actor.

Simon Pegg and fans, as well as the aforementioned voice actor Ahn Ji-hwan, said, “I think he’ll do really well if he acts. He has the potential to be the face of a drama.” Actor Kim Nam-gil, Kim Jae-ha, a New York Times bestselling author and journalist for the Chicago Tribune and Variety, and numerous drama and film officials have high expectations for Jin’s acting debut.

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