Show off her love with an arm over his shoulders, HyunA♥EDawn’s Lovestagram

HyunA continues her unwavering love with her lover EDawn.

On January 9th, HyunA posted several photos on her Instagram without saying anything.

In the picture, HyunA looks at the camera with her arm around his neck. HyunA‘s bold outfits and EDawn‘s red dye caught the fans’ attention.

The two have a captivating look on their faces that closely resemble each other. In addition, there is also a photo of HyunA smiling at her dog, showing a totally different image of her.

Meanwhile, HyunA and EDawn officially admitted that they were lovers last August. After leaving their agency Cube Entertainment, they are constantly showing off their love through SNS. In particular, EDawn and Hyuna recently released snippets of their new song, which is believed to be a duet song, raising expectations among fans.

Source: xportnews

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