Shockingly young age of SM trainees appearing at Super Junior D&E’s concert

The next generation after NCT has begun to show up

Facing challenges from rival companies as well as dealing with the increasing demand for enlistment of the Korean government, SM Entertainment seems to be making more aggressive moves to prepare for a boy group in the future, one of which is recruiting trainees from a very young age.

A group of boys wearing masks and going with SM Entertainment manager immediately caught the attention

Most recently, a group of male trainees from SM made a rare public appearance. These trainees appeared at the gate of Olympic Park Hall, where the concert of their seniors – Super Junior D&E – took place. The appearance of tall boys wearing masks and stepping out of SM Entertainment’s management car immediately attracted the attention of the fans at the event.

They all have very bright looks

It can be easily seen that they all have outstanding appearance and bright faces even though most of the time they always use masks. The SM trainees seemed very excited before the upcoming concert and they even prepared the lightstick to support their seniors. However, the most surprising information was revealed later when the one who took the photos revealed that the trainees were born in 2007 or 2008, which means they were only the primary school students or 6th grade students!

They all were born around the time when SNSD or SHINee debuted!

The appearance of the above trainees was not a coincidence and they were considered to be debuted soon. There were many real cases in the past when SM’s trainees are better known through their appearances with the seniors, acting in MVs or attending a concert, and they debuted not long after that.

However, we’ll still have to wait for SM Entertainment to announce more information about the trainees, but we probably have the right to hope for a new rookie group in the near future.

Sources: tinnhac

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