Shockingly, the infamous “KPOP PREDICTIONS” has predicted correctly the 11 finalists of “PRODUCE 48”

No one can understand how KPOP PREDICTIONS can foresee the result so accurately like that.

After “Produce 48” was over, the ranking of the finalists has once again caused controversy in the KPOP fan community just like in the previous two seasons. When netizens are still in the middle of arguments, an old prophecy from the account “KPOP PREDICTIONS” has been “dug up” that makes people shiver.

To be specific, after the top 12 was revealed, a netizen posted a screenshot of his talk with KPOP PREDICTIONS from August 20th. Below is the conversation:

It can be seen that this fan has tried to know why Kaeun was the member who did not appear in the prediction. However, KPOP PREDICTION emphasized that she wouldn’t be able to debut in this girlgroup. As predicted, Lee Kaeun ranked 14th only and was eliminated. The member that KPOP PREDICTIONS missed out was Kang Hyewon, who ranked 8th in the top 12. This information caused a stir among the KPOP fans due to the unimaginable accuracy. This is probably the creepiest prophecy from KPOP PREDICTIONS so far.

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