Shocking: “Super rookie” PRISTIN has now disbanded after only 2 years!

This is shocking news for those who love and wait for the return of PRISTIN.

On May 24, Pledis Entertainment confirmed to the media that PRISTIN – the company’s latest girl group, officially disbanded after only 2 years of debut.

Specifically, according to the company, after many discussions, PRISTIN members and Pledis Entertainment agreed with the decision. Along with disbanding, 7 out of 10 members, Nayoung, Roa, Yuha, Eunwoo, Rena, Xiyeon and Kyla also end their contracts and leave the company. Those who choose to stay are Kyulkyung, Yehana and Sungyeon.

PRISTIN disbanded, 7 out of 10 members left the company

PRISTIN debuted in March 2017, they were considered the strongest rookie at that time when there were 2 members who debuted in I.O.I and received 3 rookie awards from the year-end awards ceremonies. However, after the release of the single “We Like” in August 2017 and the youngest member Kyla returned to the United States for her health reasons, the group’s activity was “frozen” until now. In mid-2018, the sub-unit PRISTIN V debuted but there is still no news about the group’s comeback.

PRISTIN’s disappearance was once considered one of the biggest mysteries in Kpop when their fans have many times asked Pledis Entertainment to provide information about the activities of the group but the company always kept quiet. There have been rumors about the group disbanding when the members opened their personal social network accounts, but the official statement about PRISTIN’s disbandment from Pledis Entertainment is still a big shock to the fans who believed and waited for the group.

During 2 years of operation, PRISTIN’s activity was frozen for over a year without any explanation from the company

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