Shocking scene when BTS x McDonald’s meal set was first sold in Indonesia

Once again, BTS has proven its influence in any country, even if it’s just a meal set collab with McDonald’s opened for sale in Indonesia.

In addition to popular music products, BTS has also recently proven its influence through cooperation with brands.  One of the group’s most popular handshakes this year was with the world-famous fast food brand McDonald’s.  Accordingly, starting from the end of May, McDonald’s has launched “The BTS Set” – a special meal named after BTS at many store systems around the world.

Originally, according to the expected schedule, the set of meals in Indonesia will be open for sale on June 25.  However, in the end, McDonald’s in Indonesia decided to open the sale of ‘The BTS Meal’ early on June 9 throughout the chain of stores in this country.

Indonesia is still under partial lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have turned to food delivery services like Gojek or Grab to make their orders.  So when ‘The BTS Meal’ went on sale, a lot of people were using Gojek at the same time.  This led to McDonald’s stores being flooded with the familiar green shirt of this shipping unit.  Meanwhile, the store employees have to work continuously, and each locality has to send the police to control the situation.


The crowded situation at McDonald’s stores was even reported on Indonesian media.  The images when ‘The BTS Meal’ opened for sale in Indonesia also quickly became a hot topic on online forums, including the amazement of netizens in Korea – BTS’ home country.

Some comments from Knetizens: 

  • Hul this is not even my country but I feel sorry for these part-timers
  • This is to the point of being scary. There are so many of them gathered in one place
  • Wow ㄷㄷㄷㄷ
  • It’s because the population of Indonesia is big so that’s why. Their work force is daebak. 
  • It looks like a still cut from a movie.
  • Oh my… I’m sorry
  • Wow, they should close the delivery system for a while. How are they gonna manage this?
  • Why are the police there?
  • Wow so they started selling now… fighting…

Source: Theqoo

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