“Shocking” MAMA2017: EXO, BTS, SNSD, Red Relvet “fought hard”, finally the winner is…TWICE

This is a quick update about the controversial results of MAMA 2017 which was held in Japan on 29 Nov.

Confused, puzzled and… disappointed – Those would be the most general feelings of Kpop fans after watching MAMA 2017 in Japan.

In this 2nd night, MAMA’s organizer decided to give 12 awards in total, including an important one: Daesang “Song of the year”. Like every year, MAMA’s results always create disagreements among the audiences. At the moment, MAMA 2017’s shocking news is surrounding 5 names: TWICE, Red Velvet, SNSD, EXO and BTS.
If you have been following the voting procedure since the beginning of MAMA 2017, you’ll know that how hard Red Velvet and SNSD have to compete each other for “Best Dance Performance Female Group”. During the first 5 weeks, Red Velver ranked first with a far-away distance from the second rank of SNSD. However, in the last week, SNSD surprisingly ranked first and became the leader. Both SONE and ReVeluv accepted this reasonable result. However, that 30% of the exchanging result did not bring any trophy to SNSD. Surprisingly, the winner was the one received the least expectation: TWICE.

mama 2017, TWICE, Song of year mama 2017, TWICE, Song of year
Again, TWICE became the winner of Daesang “Song of the year”. Not only Kpop fans thought that 90% of this award would belong to EXO, BTS or other famous solo singers like IU, Heize…, even ONCE fandom used to “give up their hope” for this award. To ONCE and Kpop fans, the only song of TWICE that deserves to be the winner for The song of 2017 must be “Knock Knock”. “Knock Knock” is successful in record sales as well as digital ranking. However, again, TWICE won the trophy with “Signal” – a song that is considered as a step back of their career.

Besides, there are also 3 big questions:

1. Why did Chungha not win Rookie Award? (She even had a stage)
2. Why did G-Dragon not receive anything? (He was #1 by an overwhelming amount in the digital and physical votes)
3. Why did Seventeen win Best Performance? (EXO had 4n% vs BTS had 4n% vs Seventeen 3%)”.

Frustrated with the results of ‘2017 MAMA’, fans are demanding a reevaluation of the votes and a clear explanation of how the winners were ultimately selected.
The hashtag #재검토요청_마마 (#reevulationrequest_MAMA) has also trended worldwide following the show on November 29.
We still know that, the organizer of MAMA 2017 had their own criteria and judging experts to decide who the winners are. However, that they always give awards that made Kpop fans angry is never a wise way to increase their reputation as well as the MAMA trophy values as they are dreaming of.

Source: Zeusan – tinnhac

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