(Shocking) BTS’ Jimin has forseen that TWICE would win Song of the Year at MAMA 2018

The fancam of Jimin recorded before TWICE won the Daesang award is causing fever online.

On the 14th of December, MAMA 2018’s third award night was officially held in Hong Kong. Here, the three prestigious Daesang Awards of this year were officially given. Song of the Year was once again delivered to TWICE – the winner of this category of MAMA for 3 consecutive years. After the awards show ended, netizens shared a hot clip of Jimin (BTS) recorded at the time the MC was announcing the award.

Just before the MC announced the Daesang Song of the Year, Jimin whispered “TWICE” as he predicted they were the winners of this category. And just as the thought of the BTS member, JYP’s “flower idol group” is the owner of the Daesang.

Jimin (BTS) whispered the name of TWICE before the Song of the Year award at MAMA 2018 was announced

After the clip “stormed” the online community, many people could not help but admire the “predicting skill” of Jimin. Besides, some other fans think that TWICE is the favourite girlgroup of the member of BTS so he wanted the girls to win this award and called the name of TWICE before the MC officially announced the result. This shows that although they were competitors competing in some categories, the two groups still gave each other support.

TWICE won the Daesang Song of the Year for “What Is Love?”.
Jimin deserves the “Prophecy” of the Year Award!

Sources: k14

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