An ARMY is sexually harassed at the fansign right in front of BTS members!

The female bodyguard constantly touched the fan’s body when she was talking with Jimin.

Recently, BTS held a signing event for the fans who bought the “Map Of The Soul: Persona” album and won the fansign ticket. It was supposed to be a friendly and happy event for the ARMY but the fans’ joy was ruined by a serious incident.

After the fansign, a female fan posted a long article on SNS about her being harassed right in front of BTS and the staff. The person that this fan mentioned was a female bodyguard at the signing event that day.

It was a female bodyguard. As soon as I stepped in front of the second member and was about to ask for Jimin’s signature, she started touching my waist and pushed me. I didn’t have much time to talk to the members so I tried to stop the bodyguard’s harassment, but she kept pushing me.

I told her not to push me in front of Jimin, but she didn’t care. Jimin was still talking while the bodyguard kept pushing my body. The members constantly looked at the female bodyguard, they could not concentrate on the conversation. She kept pushing and touching my waist. Although I told her to stop, she still pushed me until I reached the last member Yoongi.

The fan said she did not deliberately stay to talk with the members for so long that the guards had to intervene. Being harassed right in front of her idol has made this fan feel extremely sad.

The netizens commented: “He must be shocked“, “Honestly, even if she’s a woman, touching someone else’s waist is too disgusting“, “Why do Big Hit’s staff act like that? So many incidents were caused by Big Hit bodyguards, it’s so crazy“, “Imagine how uncomfortable it would be if you were touched like that?

Currently, fans are still arguing about whether the female bodyguard is a staff from Big Hit or from the bodyguard company they hired. Big Hit has not spoken about the incident.

Source: tinnhac

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