Park Bom (2NE1) was scolded by the manager on the live stream, mistreated by the company

Park Bom fans are extremely angry at the way the management company treats the female singer.

Recently, the Kpop fan community has been extremely frustrated with the way Park Bom (a former member of 2NE1) was treated disrespectfully.  Specifically, on December 25, the female singer live-streamed on Instagram to communicate with fans.

However, at that moment, the female singer’s manager entered the room with an angry attitude.  This person got angry at Park Bom for not picking up the phone and asking the singer to stop the live broadcast.  After the staff left, Park Bom became very sad.  She mumbled, “Why is she blaming me?” then stop the live stream without any explanation.

After the incident, fans got extremely angry and started using the hashtag #RespectParkBom to ask for an explanation from DNation and Scotty (the company’s CEO).  This is not the first time fans are angry at the way the company treats Park Bom.

Since the beginning of 2020, Park Bom is almost hidden and does not post anything on social networks.  Fans tried to contact the company several times but were ignored.  With what happened on the live stream, fans said that the company had banned the female singer from contacting fans and suspected that she was mistreated.  It is known that Park Bom is currently the only artist of DNation, the female singer is also the main source of income of that company. 

Sources: kenh14

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