Shirtless Park Ji-hoon and Ha Sung-woon treat fans with six-pack body today

Park Ji-hoon and Ha Sung-woon have revealed their abs

The last Wanna One concert was held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 26th.

Park Ji-hoon wore a white shirt and black slacks. He even rolled up his wrist to add more to the sexiness.

wanna one ab 1

He was showing his powerful dance moves. What’s the highlight of the performance? It was at the end. He tore opened his shirt buttons and revealed his abs.

wanna one ab 2

The abs is solid and his skin has a healthy color. The sharp sixpack attracted the every fangirl’s eyes.

wanna one ab 3

Ha Sungwoon also revealed his abs at the last concert of Wanna One on the 25th.

wanna one ab 5
wanna one ab 1

He showed to the fans his prominent abs while holding a shy smile. The audience burst into cheers.

wanna one ab 4

He was wearing an all-white suit. Ha Sung-woon pulled up his shirt slightly while pushing back his jacket.

wanna one ab 6
wanna one ab 2

Source: Dispatch

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