SHINee Taemin to enlist in the military on May 31

He confirmed this news in a live broadcast via Naver V LIVE

On April 19, Taemin held a V Live broadcast in which he shared the news directly with fans. He said, “There is more than a month left, so I didn’t want to spend it already being sad. I wanted to tell you with my own words directly. On May 2, I will have a Beyond Live concert. I think my solo album will come out in the second or third week of May. The schedule isn’t confirmed, but I think I will be able to show you all one last colorful stages and music before I enlist. I will be on hiatus [as an idol] starting on May 31.”

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Taemin (SHINee)

Taemin will be the final member of SHINee to enlist in the military. Onew, Key, and Minho have all completed their military service.

Sources: Koreaboo

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