Shindong’s comments on Taemin’s visual enraged fans

Shindong’s statement on Taemin, “It’s impossible to determine if he’s a boy or a girl,” led to a huge debate on social media sites.

SHINee’s Taemin made a comeback earlier this month with his third mini-album, ‘Advice.’ The idol singer’s unique visuals and total image change were lauded by fans and netizens. Many people were impressed by how much Taemin had grown up, as evidenced by his song and MV. 

Shindong (Super Junior) decided to reply to Taemin’s music video for ‘Advice,’ which caused an outcry from Taemin’s fans, on May 22nd. The male idol sat down and gave his opinionated thoughts while watching the video, just like any other reaction video.

Shindong expressed his admiration for Taemin’s dancing as soon as the video began. He explained “Every time I watch Taemin’s dance, it feels like it’s being fast-forwarded. Oh, this music video is incredible.”

After that, the Super Junior member was effusive in his compliments throughout the video. Some fans, however, were offended by his statement. “He’s got this wonderful visual so even when he’s with female dancers, he goes perfectly with them” – Shindong stated in the middle of the reaction video, praising Taemin’s advantages of having an androgynous look.

“It’s hard to tell if he’s a boy or a girl…” he added. Then it was the remark that backfired on Shindong, despite the fact that he said it as praise and compliment. Immediately, many Taemin fans turned to social media to condemn Shindong, claiming that his comments were unnecessary. Even, some vented their rage on Shindong, hurling profanities at him.

Some netizens, on the other hand, condemned some of the fans who are slandering Shindong for being crazy. They pointed out that that it is not the first time Taemin was told he looked androgynous.

Source: AK

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