Shin Ji-min (former AOA member) updated her Instagram for the first time 2 years after the bullying scandal related to Kwon Min-ah

Former leader of idol group AOA Jimin (real name Shin Ji-min) directly reported her recent status 2 years after the bullying controversy and her withdrawal from the group.

On the morning of January 8th, former AOA member Jimin posted “surprise gift for my dearest” on her personal Instagram account and released a video of herself singing along to a song.

Shin Ji-min Instagram

Jimin attracted fans’ attention as she uploaded the video showing her spending time in London, England. It is believed that she delivered this update to celebrate her birthday.

Shin Ji-min Instagram

In addition, the lyrics of the song Jimin released drew attention. The English lyrics say, “I have to leave suddenly to a place where no one knows”, “every day, I’ve used to the darkness”, “I want to create my wonderland”, “I must go on, I just go”, adding “And I know, all love was gone. I lost my everything except myself”.

Shin Ji-min Instagram

After former AOA member Kwon Min-ah revealed that she was bullied during AOA activities, Jimin suffered from intense criticism. At that time, Kwon Min-ah pointed out that Jimin was the driving force behind the bullying. Later, Jimin left AOA.

Shin Ji-min Instagram

After withdrawing from AOA, Jimin stopped updating her personal Instagram and also her Youtube channel.

Recently, Jimin was spotted hangout together with Seolhyun, and photos of the two rapidly spread through online communities. However, this is still the first time Jimin updated her recent status herself.


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