Shakira discovered Gerard Piqué’s affair over a jar of strawberry jam

Famous singer Shakira broke up with soccer player Gerard Piqué in June after discovering his cheating behavior. 

Various sources recently reported that Shakira discovered the cheating behavior of her former partner, Gerad Piqué, all thanks to a jar of strawberry jam. In particular, Shakira allegedly found her favorite jam finished after arriving home from vacation, despite Gerard and their kids’ alleged hatred for it. 

Shakira even referred to this event in her MV for “Te Felicito”, in which a man’s severed head can be found inside a refrigerator. 

In addition, back on January 12th, Shakira dropped her latest release titled “BZRP Music Session #53”, which is a “scalding diss track” aimed “at her ex and his 23-year-old girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti”. 

The song’s MV has since garnered over 63 million views on YouTube, making it the most-viewed Latin music video within 24 hours of release on the platform. 

Shakira Pique
Shakira found out about Gerard Piqué’s affair after her favorite strawberry jam went missing 

The feelings of Shakira can clearly be seen via the lyrics of “BZRP Music Session #53”, which reads, “I’m worth two 22-year-olds / You traded in a Ferrari for a Twingo / You traded in a Rolex for a Casio / You’re all worked up, slow down / Ah, so much time at the gym / But maybe work out your brain a bit too.”

Meanwhile, against Shakira’s harsh words, Gerard Piqué lightly mocked Shakira’s break-up song by mentioning his partnership with Casio, saying, “Casio has sent us wrist watches. We reached a sponsorship agreement with Casio, the King’s League struck a deal with Casio.

He also pointed towards the Casio watch and added, “This watch will last a lifetime.”

On the other hand, Shakira’s relationship with Piqué’s mother, Montserrat Bernabéu, has also soured after the latter welcomed her son’s new girlfriend. Photos of Piqué’s parents walking around with Clara Chia Marti on the first day of the new year. This is a rather notable event, seeing that Shakira used to live right beside Piqué’s parents and had a good relationship with them. 

Shakira Pique
Piqué’s family has a close relationship with Clara Chia Marti

Meanwhile, Dailymail reported that Shakira has put up a life-sized witch doll on her balcony, which is said to face her former mother-in-law’s home, and was blasting “Gerard Piqué’s diss track at full volume”. 

Piqué and Shakira used to be a famous couple, with a super romantic relationship that lasted 12 years. However, Piqué ended up being revealed to have cheated, putting an end to a fairy-tale-like couple. 

Shakira Pique

It was reported that the soccer player often appeared at night clubs and bars and hung out with unknown women. In August 2022, Piqué and the 23-year-old Clara Chia Marti went public with their relationship, and photos of them kissing in a restaurant once loved by Shakira in Paris, France, also drew huge attention. 

According to Shakira in the October issue of fashion magazine ELLE, she has been through “extreme conditions”, but she has to put herself back together, see herself in the mirror, and know that she is a mother and that her kids depend on her.

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