SF9 Youngbin apologized after being criticized for saying ‘Even if I’m not vaccinated, I won’t get infected”

Young Bin (SF9) quickly uploaded his apology for his inappropriate remarks about the vaccine.

In the early morning of September 28, Young Bin (SF9) posted on his group’s official fancafe, “I’m sorry for causing concern to everyone who is supporting me with my remark related to the vaccine. I deeply regret and would like to apologize for making an unthoughtful remark on the live broadcast while many people were watching.”


Then he apologized repeatedly, “I will get vaccinated as soon as possible. I will correct my wrong thoughts and pay more attention to my words and actions in the future.”

Earlier on September 27, Young Bin went on Naver V Live to communicate with fans. During the broadcast, he said, “It’s hurt getting a vaccine, so I didn’t get it. In fact, I didn’t think I would get infected even if I am not vaccinated as I’m not exposed to the danger of the epidemic.”

He continued, “But what’s scary is that many acquaintances around me got infected. One of them even got vaccinated already. So should I get the vaccine? But even if I got vaccinated, I would still get infected. Therefore, I’m thinking about whether I should get a vaccine.”


Fans who were watching this broadcast also pointed out his wrong remark during the live. When asked, “If the members persuade you, will you still not get it?” by a fan, Young Bin answered, “That’s right. My members also haven’t got vaccinated. But if they get the vaccine, of course, I will have to get it, too. That’s an obligation. However, the members are still healthy and fine. But they will soon get the vaccine anyway.”

Later, his remarks caused controversy and were spread all over the SNS sites, such as online communities and Twitter. Therefore, it seems like the company was also aware of the problem, so the broadcast was deleted immediately after being uploaded.

In the end, Young Bin posted his apology in the early morning and expressed his intention to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Young Bin’s group, SF9 released their 9th mini album, “TURN OVER”, in July.


Source: Nate

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