SEVENTEEN donated under CARAT’s name to celebrate their 4th debut anniversary

SEVENTEEN has made a meaningful donation in the event of their 4th debut anniversary. The group has participated in the sponsorship of the “Homey Home” campaign.

Their agency, PLEDIS Entertainment, said that SEVENTEEN carried out the donation with a deeply sincere heart.

Homey Home” is a campaign that strives to ensure safe residential rights which helps children grow up in a comfortable residential environment.

This donation is to repay the fans’ love for them. Therefore, SEVENTEEN made the donation in the name of their fan club, CARAT.

The agency explained, “The idea started from the members’ warm hearts. They are now able to spend the debut anniversary in a more meaningful way than just a normal anniversary.

They’ve also prepared the signboard. Members Mingyu and Seungkwan have drawn and designed the calligraphy themselves. It’s expected to be delivered along with the donation.

The donation will help children who are in poor housing grow up in safer and more comfortable homes. The money will be used for the month’s rent and deposit.

I sincerely hope that the residential environment will be improved so that all children can live in warmth and comfort,” SEVENTEEN said.

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN will release their first Japanese single “Happy Ending” in on May 29th. It will be their first single in about a year since their Japanese debut in May last year.

Source: Dispatch

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