Seven moments when even the best main vocalists failed their performances

Originally highly acclaimed for the great vocal skills and even known as Kpop’s “golden vocals”, these main vocalists still make mistakes when handling songs.

The main vocalist is known to possess the best vocal skills and vocal technique in a Kpop group. Therefore, the main vocalists will bear the responsibility of handling the hardest segments and high notes in a song. But nothing is absolute, even if they have strong vocals, they sometimes can make mistakes in their own way. Here are some failures of the famous Kpop main vocalists:

D.O. (EXO)

Also known as the lead vocalist in EXO, D.O joined the lines of the best singers under SM. Undeniable, D.O. has such a good voice which is strong, powerful and can “dominate” the high notes easily. However, there are times when the idol makes mistakes as he cracked up his voice on a high note. Typically, at the debut stage of EXO-K in 2014, D.O. is the first vocalist to start the song. Instead of lifting the legendary high notes in “MAMA”, D.O. had a legendary crack of voice.

D.O. “MAMA” (from 0:20)

Wendy (Red Velvet)

Originally highly acclaimed for the great vocal skills and even known as Kpop's "golden vocals", these main vocalists still make mistakes when handling songs.

In Red Velvet, Wendy is the best singer and almost no one else could take the role of her singing. Taking the lead role in the group’s vocals, however, Wendy herself has failed on her own from time to time. At the stage of “One of These Nights” two years ago, Wendy sang her segment with a winding voice and sang out of breath. This is one of the rare times she lost her voice on stage.

Wendy sings in “One of These Nights” (1:23)

Onew (SHINee)

SHINee’s leader cum main vocalist is considered to be one of Kpop’s most distinctive vocalists. Indeed, Onew’s emotional tone which can vary from bass to high notes always makes the fans feel proud. In fact, there are still times when he was embarrassed because the processing of high notes is not good, sometimes he even cracked or sang with a broken voice. In particular, Onew failed to reach the climax of “Hello”. Even though he did his best, he still could not conquer the high note and Onew’s embarrassment afterwards was showing it all.

Onew failed with the climax of “Hello” (2:10)

Jihyo (TWICE)

TWICE is usually criticized for vocal weakness and this is not entirely unfounded. On live stages, they repeatedly exposed their weakness in vocal skills. Even Jihyo, the main vocal of the group, several times made her fans’ hearts skip because she couldn’t handle the high-note part on stage, especially in “Knock Knock” promotion stage. The huge difference between the recorded vocals and Jihyo’s voice made many people surprised.

Jihyo reveals weak voice when performing “Knock Knock” (from 1:07)


With a strong voice like Yuju, it is only high note that can bother her. Being known as the main vocal of G-FRIEND, Kpop fans has always praised her skills in handling high notes, but in fact Yuju still made some mistakes. In the song “Rain In The Spring Time”, Yuju had many high notes, and for the last few seconds she had started to lost her voice. On top of that, Yuju is still a high-profile vocal in the new generation of idols.

Yuju lost her voice when singing “Rain In The Spring Time” (from 3:14)

Chen (EXO)

Overall, Chen is the best vocal member in EXO. Besides, Chen and Baekhyun and D.O. is the three members in charge of most of the difficult parts in the group’s songs. The field of this boy is “high note” and his most unfortunate event is also the high notes missing at the Melon Music Awards 2016. It seems that continuous performance of many songs made Chen lose his strength.

Chen cracked his voice in “Monster” (8:20)


SBS Gayo Daejun 2017 hosted a reunion focusing on the four main vocalists of Kpop groups: TWICE – Jihyo, Wanna One – Jaehwan, GFRIEND – Yuju, Black Pink – Rosé and the lead vocalist of BTOB – Sungjae. This was clearly a promised stage, but Rosé was not able to complete her high notes. After this incident, the main vocalist of Black Pink has received countless criticicism.

Rosé at “Butterfly” combination stage (2:32)

Source: K14

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