Seungri’s series of scandals is just the tip of an iceberg?

Many conspiracies are mentioning that the Burning Sun scandal might be related to the families of the South Korea’s government officials.

In the past few days, the center of attention in Korea right now is the series of scandals from Seungri with many twists and turns. Many bussiness of this idol were suspected by the police. It all started with the Burning Sun club being accused of physical assault, sexual harrassment and drug dealing. Not stopping their, Yuri Holdings where Seungri used to work as the CEO along with Mr. Yoo – actress Park Hanbyul’s husband – is suspected for getting involved in prositution services to connect with many Asian investors. Also, Yuri Holdings’ Monkey Museum night club is also accused of tax evasion.

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Seungri showed up at the police station on the evening of Feb 27th.

Before, whenever a celebrity got caught with a big scandal, many will immediately refer to it as a decoy to cover up some serious political problem which were happening in Korea at that time. However with Seungri’s scandals, the severity of the situation seems worse than expected. All the new details from the police’s investigation show that this is not simply a gossip in the celebrity world but a big-scale crime.

Recently, a journalist from MBC revealed that this scandal of Seungri might involved some family members of many South Korean’s government officials. On Instagram, this journalist said that the Burning Sun is just the tip of the iceberg. The final destination that the police and the media wants to reach is the drug dealing association whose headquarter is at the Arena club (which was mentioned in the chat conversation between Seungri and his business partner). Especially, among all the drug customers of Lee Moon Ho (Seungri’s best friend, Burning Sun’s CEO who is currently being prohibited from leaving the country and his property confiscated for later investigation), there is Kim Moo Sung – current advisor of the Liberty Korea Party. This post is now deleted.

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Before, Seungri was complimented as a multi-talented idol who can sing, act, DJ, lead variety shows,…while having his own business.
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However, after all the scandal, netizens are questioning about the secrets behind every business where Seungri used to be in management.

Another conspiracy said that YG Entertainment is continuously attacked by many large media source in Korea due to political reasons. Many sources have revealed, YG used to have a close connection with former President Park Geun Hye (who was removed from office in 2017, currently in prison). This might be the reason why YG grown so large during President Park’s presidency and started to fall from 2017. Some rumours also said that Eun Jiwon – a member of SECHSKIES from YG – is President Park’s nephew.

A netizen commented that they believed that YG had been “covered” by a greater force when the artists’ scandals in the past were always neatly covered though the severity was always above all other scandals of Kbiz artists. The typical example is the scandal of Park Bom – the former member of 2NE1. The incident broke out in 2014 but was actually discovered since 2010. Dara, CL and Minzy had to undergo a drug test that year but details of the incident were hidden by the police. It was not until 2014 that Park Bom‘s scandal was released by the press.

Many people also questioned YG‘s involvement in Seungri‘s business activities. The fact that the company abruptly destroyed tons of documents in the early morning while Seung Ri took testimony at the police station made the netizen bewildered. “Did President Yang or YG officials also participate in criminal activities?”; “I heard that entertainment companies are ‘going back door’ with gangsters and powerful people. It is probably more complicated than we think” … netizens commented. With the questions regarding these incidents, it is very likely that YG and Seungri‘s entry into the media’s “sights” and the investigation is just the act of “purifying the remnants of the Park regime”.

Seung Ri answered the press when he appeared at the police station on February 27th.

Currently, the investigation is still a hot spot in Korea. With the participation of many major Korean newspapers, “Seungri‘s scandal” promises more dramatic details to be revealed in the future. It is unclear whether Seungri truly involved in criminal activities or not, but it is likely that he will inevitably get involved with his business partners. Reporter Kang, who first provided the message, accused Seungri of being a prostitution broker for VIPs, saying she would “not start things when she couldn’t finish it”.

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