Seungri’s “Burning Sun gate” is even mentioned at the 72nd Cannes International Film Festival

“South Korea needs to clean up biz!”

Singer Seung-ri, who is accused of charges such as arranging prostitution, is leaving the Seoul Central District Court after being questioned as a suspect before his arrest on May 14th.

The situation of singer Seungri being accused of prostitution, embezzlement and violating the Food Sanitation Act has been highlighted not only in Korea but also in overseas film festivals.

The 72nd Cannes Film Festival, which opened on May 14th (local time), is one of the world’s largest international film festivals along with that at Venice and Berlin. The Cannes Film Festival in Cannes (southern France), is considered the most active place for exchanges in the entertainment industry not only in Korea but also around the world, especially this year’s Cannes Film Festival draws attention as it focuses on the “Burning Sun Gate” of Seungri. Moreover, the arrest warrant for Seungri was rejected in Korea on the same day, which sparked controversy and drew greater attention in line with the case.

Under the theme of “Korea’s entertainment industry needs to be cleaned up”, Variety, one of the daily journals published during the Cannes Film Festival, said, “The U.S. tour of BTS is sold out and K-pop is receiving a lot of positive attention, but on the other hand, Seungri from BIG BANG has rocked the Korean entertainment indsutry by the worst scandal in history,” adding, “Seungri is being suspected of drug distribution, prostitution, illegal hidden camera, police collusion, embezzlement and tax evasion. More impressive is that Seungri shared such illegal activities with fellow entertainers through group chats. Many famous stars shared the footages from the illegal filming activity,” the report said.

Moreover, “South Korea had a vigorous Me Too movement last year, but such a move has not long been well received. But Seungri’s “Burning Sun gate” still continues which led to much public criticism even now”, he explained.

This year Cannes International Film Festival will be from May 14th to May 25th in Cannes, France.

Sources: Nate

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