Seungri was accused of assaulting a JYP staff

Recently, Seungri is currently facing charges of assault.

Recently, the Burning Sun scandal became hot again after Hyoyeon (SNSD) was suddenly asked by the victim to reveal the truth.  In another development, Seungri also attended the 9th trial, and here, the former member of BIGBANG was accused of assaulting a man in a bar in 2015.

However, is that the truth?  On January 16, YouTube reporter Kim Yong Ho of Garo Seyo Institute posted a video, in which he claimed to have met a JYP Entertainment employee personally and was revealed by this person.  Specifically, this JYP staff revealed: “There was a party on the day of the incident. Many people in the industry drank alcohol there and a JYP employee accidentally entered Seungri’s room by mistake”.  However, instead of going out, this JYP staff mocked Seungri as “short”.  After that, the maknae BIGBANG called the gang to “handle” this person.

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The JYP staff continued to say, “YG and JYP are both big companies. But at that time Park Jin Young still had to support Yang Hyun Suk. So in the end he fired this employee”.  Reporter Kim Yong Ho’s revelation once again made netizens confused, suspicious, not sure who to trust.

In March 2019, the Burning Sun scandal was suddenly exposed after a man revealed he was assaulted at this nightclub.  A series of crimes of related people such as Yang Hyun Suk, Jung Joon Young, Choi Jong Hoon, Lee Jong Hyun … have also been brought to light.

After leaving the group and announcing his retirement, Seungri is still facing 9 charges including illegal gambling, prostitution organization, and brokerage, violating the sex crime law through the spread of sex content via SNS, violating business financial regulations, violating food hygiene laws, appropriating business funds for personal use and conducting illegal foreign currency transactions, and assault.

Sources: allkpop

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