Seungri (BigBang) to enlist on March 25 as an active duty soldier

Seungri is going to enlist while the investigation into the club Burning Sun, which is accused of police collusion, sex crimes and drugs, has yet to be completed.

YG Entertainment announced in an official press on the morning of March 8th that the Seungri is scheduled to enlist on March 25.

The spokesperson from YG said, “It is true that he applied for the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s mandatory police selection test on January 7. However, to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding, even if he passed, he will give up the results and join the active duty service.

Since the news of the Seungri’s enlistment schedule was announced, the public has been rising the question, “Is he fleeing to the military?

Meanwhile, the club Burning Sun which Seungri was known to be as one of its directors, caused many controversies over police collusion, sex crimes, and drugs. Police are currently investigating the case.

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