Seungri Admitted To One Out Of Nine Charges, Most Likely To Appeal

New Activity On Seungri’s Arrangement of Commercial Sex Case.

On August 12th, Seungri’s long and long Burning Sun investigation came to an end with a three-year prison sentence. Of course, it is not entirely over. If Seungri appeals, the trial can open again.

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On February 27th, 2019, Seungri became a suspect for the first time. He got investigated at Gangnam Police Station in Seoul for various allegations related to the incident at Club Burning Sun and has been believed to be the muscle behind the Burning Sun scandal since then.

Naturally, Seungri was expelled from the entertainment industry and spent the next time with police, prosecutors, and courts. Seungri was brought to the prosecution in June 2019 for charges of violating the Act on the Punishment of Commercial Sex (Arrangement, Prostitution), embezzlement on business, extinction of evidence, violation of the Act on Special Case of Sexual Violence (recorded), and violation of the Food Sanitation Act.

Seungri realistically denied all nine charges during the trial. He admitted only simple gambling, illegal filming and additionally rejected accusations of inciting special assault. He tried to clear himself of the charges during the process, claiming that he was following “the direction of Yoo In Seok.”

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One thing that drew attention was most of the witnesses who stood up all affirmed that Seungri was not guilty. In addition, Seungri stated that it was unfair for him to be forcibly investigated due to the police’s transcendent imagination, severely criticized, and arrested.

But this strategy didn’t work. It was because Yoo In Seok himself also admitted it and appealed for leniency. Yoo In Seok hasn’t finalized his trial at the Suwon District Court. The arrest of Seungri will likely have a significant impact on Yoo In Seok’s trial.

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