Seung Ri tiredly confirmed that he submitted his phone to the police

Meanwhile, Jung Joon Young gave a new phone that he just used for … 2 weeks.

On the morning of March 15, Seungri and Jung Joon Young completed the interrogation and the process of taking testimony after 16 hours and 21 hours respectively at the Police Department. Seungri received allegations of prostitution, colluded corruption with police, and Joon Young was a suspect to sneak and distribute illegal sex videos.

After walking out of the interrogation room, Seungri continued to be surrounded by reporters. The male singer said: “I ended the testimony honestly and will send the application to the Department of Military Personnel. If they allow, I will postpone my enlistment and prove that I really cooperate in the investigation in a very sincere way until the end. “

When asked by the reporters about handing over the phone to the police, Seungri confirmed: “Yes, I submitted it,” thereby clarifying the conflicting information that some Korean newspapers previously published.

Seung Ri appeared at 2pm on March 14 before the Seoul Police Department.
After 16 hours of taking testimony, the male singer looked tired.
Seung Ri was surrounded by media when he left the Police Department.

Meanwhile, Chosun Ilbo said, Jung Joon Young, handed over a phone he just bought … 2 weeks ago. In 2016, Jung Joon Young also consulted a lawyer after being sued by his girlfriend for harassing and leaking sex scenes. The male singer was very worried about the fact that the information in the group chat would be uncovered, and Jung Joon Young’s lawyer advised that: “This is a big problem because hidden cameras are filmed in secret. It’s best not to give the phone to the police “. According to South Korean media, Jung Joon Young did exactly what happened three years ago.

Jung Joon Young was questioned longer. He left the Police Department after 21 hours.

Yonhap News added, during the testimony of yesterday’s CEO Yoo, the character claimed that the “sheriff” that male idols mentioned in KakaoTalk group chat is a high-ranking person. Seoul police also confirmed there was evidence that police were involved in covering up business violations for Seung Ri, Yoo CEO, and other artists. However, the identity of this character has not been revealed.

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