Seulgi got a mosquito bite due to wearing a crop top

Red Velvet’s Seulgi suffered unexpected distress (?)

On September 2nd, Red Velvet appeared in 2018 Incheon Airport Sky Festival, which was held at the Incheon International Airport Cultural Park (Paradise City Station).

On this day, Seulgi performed on stage with a crop top and a yellow mini skirt. However, a mosquito bite could be easily seen on her waist.

The lower part of the pit of her stomach was red and swollen. It seemed that Seulgi was not able to tolerate the itchy bite and scratched because it spread to the surrounding area.

The netizens who saw this showed various reactions: “I saw it all”, “It must have been itchy while she was dancing”, “I saw her reaction. It looked like I was getting bitten by a mosquito due to wearing a crop top”.

Source: Dispatch

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