Seulgi created a controversy with the same look for every photo of the new magazine photoshoot

Many commented that Seulgi doesn’t fit this Japanese-ish photo concept.

Seulgi (Red Velvet) is chosen to be the model for the cover of Beauty April issue. The Red Velvet member appeared in a very Japanese-ish concept with exotic make-up which eccentuates her mono-lid eyes. The monochrome photos remind people of a real art masterpiece.

Seulgi is one of the idols who have many impressive magazine photoshoots. She owns herself an exotic beauty which can transform to fit many different concept. However, the newest photoshoot of this member of Red Velvet is receiving many controversial comments.

Netizens commented that Seulgi have the same expression in every photo, her hair and make-up was kept the same while her outfit was hard to understand. Some comments said: “There’s still someone who like this concept?”, “Such a waste of Seulgi’s face”, “Looks like a Japanese magazine”, “This couldn’t-care-less concept is hart to express, Seulgi is not doing very well with this one”, “Seems a little bit too much for her”,…

Also, many have mentioned that the one who would fit this kind of exotic, Japanese-ish concept the most is Sulli. However, Seulgi’s fans debated that the Red Velvet member is able to digest any kind of concept. This photoshoot of Beauty is a controversy because it’s too “artistic” and doesn’t follow any normal concept of simply showing off someone’s beauty.

Seulgi’s always fully-booked for magazine photoshoots thanks to her exotic beauty, perfect body ratio and girl crush vibe. She once became the center of attention for showing her curves and sexy abs in photoshoots.

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