“Setting records before debut”, BLACKPINK Jisoo to bloom like a “flower” in spring 

BLACKPINK Jisoo is getting ready to bloom brilliantly with her first solo song “Flower (꽃)”.

BLACKPINK member Jisoo is making her debut as a solo artist with the release of her first solo album “ME”, at 0:00 (ET) and 1:00 PM (KST) on March 31st. 


“ME”, which is released 7 years after Jisoo’s debut with BLACKPINK, marks the finale of BLACKPINK’s solo project. The project, which started with Jennie’s “SOLO” in 2018, continued with Rosé and Lisa in 2021, before finally concluding with Jisoo this year. 

True to its name, Jisoo’s album “ME” is a reflection of the female idol herself. It is known Jisoo participated in the music, concept, styling, and music video of the album, showcasing various aspects of hers that have never been seen before.

jisoo flower

The title song “Flower” is a highly addictive dance track with a unique bass sound and minimalist arrangement. The song’s poetic lyrics and beautiful melody harmonize with Jisoo’s charming vocals, creating a dreamy atmosphere.

On the other hand, teaser contents released before Jisoo’s solo debut garnered a hot response from global fans, who are captivated by Jisoo’s visuals and top-notch concept.

At the same time, “ME” has set a new pre-order sales record, signaling that Jisoo will become the 1st female solo artist to achieve the “million-seller” status. The album is known to have broken records with 510,000 preorders in just two days, 950,000 in two weeks, and 1,240,000 in three weeks, becoming the highest pre-order number for a single album by a Kpop female solo artist.


With over 1,300,000 preorders so far, Jisoo expressed how she’s thrilled and amazed. “I’m grateful for the many fans who support and look forward to my work, and it makes me think I have to work harder. I’m doing my best to live up to their expectations”, the female idol said.

Meanwhile, fellow BLACKPINK members Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa, have also set new records in album sales, YouTube views, and global charts with their solo albums, creating a new history in Kpop. There is much anticipation for the meaningful achievements Jisoo will garner with this album

Source: Daum

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