Setlist of AAA 2018: A senior must perform before… 6 juniors, which made fans confused

K-POP fans are handing over photos of the setlist for AAA 2018 awards.

Today (28/11), the award ceremony of Asian Artist Awards 2018 will take place. This is a gathering of Korean stars who have worked hard for the past one year, promising to bring exciting performances.

This morning, a photo of AAA 2018 setlist was posted on social networks. Accordingly, the schedule of the show will be: D-CRUNCH, WJSN, Gugudan, MAMAMOO, Chungha, Wanna One, Zico, (G) I-DLE, AOA, TWICE, GOT7, SEVENTEEN, BTS.

It is said that the issue of performances order in the awards ceremony, music events is extremely sensitive. Normally, the juniors will perform first, and the final performances will be for the seniors who have been in the industry for a long time. However, the schedule of AAA shows that the organizers did not comply with this principle.

Zico, an idol debuted nearly 8 years ago has to perform before (G) I-DLE, a new girl group debuted less than 1 year and 5 other juniors. The last performance will be BTS’, the male group that is attracting the attention of netizens. Similarly, TWICE will perform before AOA even though they just debuted 3 years ago. MAMAMOO have to perform before a series of juniors despite having over 4 years into career.

Last year, MAMA 2017 received a lot of criticism for letting EXO perform before BTS. The reason is that during the end of 2017, BTS has become more popular in the US and internationally with the album “Love Yourself: Her“. It seems that the principle of “senior has to be the last performer” is no longer important to the organizers of the award ceremony. They need to bring the hottest group to the end of the program to keep the audience attention, avoid causing the situation the later the ceremony is, the more the rating decline.

However, the setlist of AAA 2018 is just a rumor, and not confirmed by the organizers. Let’s wait for AAA ceremony to take place tonight to enjoy the top performances from the idols!

Source: Tinnhac

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