Seolhyun donated 100 million for low-income children and officially become an Honor Society member

Seolhyun of the group AOA donated 100 million won and became a member of the Honor Society.

According to the Community Chest of Korea, “Last 20th, singer Seolhyun donated 100 million won to support low-income teenagers and child care centers, and joined Honor Society – an association for major charity donors – as its 1991 member”.

Seolhyun is the sixth singer to join the group following Hyun-sook who joined in 2013; YoonA of Girls Generation, Insooni, Suzy who joined in 2015 and Ha Choon-hwa who joined in 2016.

Earlier on November 29, Seolhyun deposited 50 million won to the Community Chest of Korea for low-income youths. Less than a month after that, she donated 50 million won more to support the Child Care Centers, making her a major donor.

“Of course, I’ve learned that friends who are younger than me are having a hard time in a difficult environment so after figuring out, I continously give them all my heart,” Seolhyun said. “I’m glad that many people have helped for me to be here today, and now I feel like I’m paying for that love even though it’s just a little bit but I’m very happy.”

As of December 20, 2018, the Honor Society has 90 members nationwide in Korea, with 947 businessmen (47.6%), followed by 272 specialized jobs (13.7%). In addition, 131 self-operate business such as farmers, fishermen and restaurants operate (6,6%), 67 corporate executives (3,4%), 32 civil servants including heads of local governments (1,6%), and 21 sports people (1,1%). There are 20 TV celebrities (1.0%) and a total of 500 (25,1%) are in other professions, including anonymity.

Source: Nate

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